Monday, July 30, 2007

Stupid Busy

What the subject line says, folks.

Over the past few days, I have:
  • Finished the opening cast DVD for last year's musical
  • Rendered the last problem bit for the Ordinary Angels commercial DVD
  • Spoken to my rep at DiscMakers
  • Gotten most of the Oklahoma! program laid out
  • Sent out another three OA screeners
  • Received three copies of the Full Life Crisis CD, for which I did the art
  • Gone into Brian's studio to mix the And Tears Fell tribute CD (we are ever so close now)
  • Cleaned out my car
  • Done actual laundry and dishes
  • Showed the kids Garden State and Saved!, and watched The Forgotten with Julianne Moore and Gary Sinese... meh.
  • Booked my trip to Atlanta for the OA premiere
  • Added entire sections of gear to my cafepress shop (Ordinary Angels swag, and Mangled Melon Music swag)
  • Taken the kids to The Simpsons Movie (we loved it)
  • Cleared the brush buildup around the trunk of our giant locust tree and pruned the suckers back
  • Helped the kids pick a bunch of blackberries from our very own yard and made a pie that came out great
  • Taken Kayleigh to rehearsal several times
  • Not fallen into a psychotic rage or a catatonic daze
Go, me!


Edward Havens said...

If only you had a friend from high school, say, who had their own entertainment news and review website, and happened to be a rated Tomatometer critic...

Ali said...

Go you indeed!