Saturday, July 21, 2007

Emma Grace Alpern

My friend Dave Alpern, a writer and columnist at, is now a father times three. Emma Grace Alpern was born to Dave & Carla Alpern just a couple days ago (I don't see any of the dates, times or vitals in his column, but it was real damn recent).

Congratulations, Alperns!

Oh, and Grace is an awesome middle name (says the father of Kayleigh Grace Downing). Nicely done!


Dave said...

OH man! Can't believe I forgot to put a date in that column! Emma was born on May 26th. Take care, Todd, and thanks for the mention on your space!

ivorykeyer said...
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David (Dave) Alpern said...

While googling her own name, my daughter Emma Grace Alpern, came across this blog entry. She promptly emailed a link to me, her father, whose name happens to be David (although usually called Dave). Congratulations on the birth and I hope that she grows up to be as terrific an individual as has my Emma (or her sister).

Oh, and by the way, you have very good taste in names.


David (aka Dave) Alpern