Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cinco de Piratas

Had a great little partay last night with about 20 or so friends. Darlene is pretty much Julie Your Cruise Director in life, and arranged some great activities - from skull bowling to Mexican pirate flag making to a treasure hunt for the kids. Between Darlene and her boyfriend James, we were well set up with tacos pescados, fresh guacamole (muy caliente!), fresh salsa, Mexican sodas, and an aqua-blue jello mold full of gummi-seafood. Kayleigh built the fresh fruit skewers, and I made a rum punch and a virgin punch for the kids.

Darlene also arrived with a case of Pacifico, and I added my Full Sail. I think I drank 8 beers in 5-6 hours, but never felt impaired, nor did I have a hangover this morning. I'm so used to drinking dark ales and stouts with high alcohol content that a light Mexican cerveza hardly makes it to the radar - it is merely the refreshment it is meant to be. :)

Also ended up with a couple bottles of spirits as gifts - huzzah!

We had movies going on the big screen and plenty of pirate smack-talking going on. And I discovered that if I don't normally keep an earring in, my piercing shrinks up and hurts when I actually do wear something. So I'm back to being pierced 24/7. Just a small gold hoop - nothing outrageous. Oh, and I did the math and realized that if 40 is the new 30, then I must be 29. Or is it that once I hit 40 I back up to 30?

Anyway - must be off. Time for birthday dinner with the kids. Pegasus for some ravioli, please!


Anonymous said...

Happy happy 39th, love. Hope you had a wonderful day! Mwah!! :)

Ali said...

Happy birthday Todd. Sounds like an awesome party.

Oh, and congrats on Tyler's school thing being sorted out.


go_go yubari said...

Happy Birthday, Todd :) And um, welcome to the "30" club, lol :D

Love ya

tbone said...

Thank you very much, ladies! And Lisa, I ain't in the club YET. :)