Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And Now For Some Good News

I thought it was poopy that the Seattle school district declined Tyler's transfer, citing lack of justification. How much did they need? Tyler wasn't learning, he was being bullied (and getting into altercations), his homeroom teacher was dismissive and apathetic, and he wasn't thriving. The old school doesn't have adequate counseling facilities. The new school has a fully staffed wellness center, had room for him and wants him to attend. The principal of the old school supports the transfer. Honestly, why was there any question? Don't answer - it's a rhetorical question.

Well, I ended up filing an Intent to Homeschool form with the district just to get Tyler through the last two months of school. What's nice is that Uncle Gavin happens to teach middle school, and sort of unoffically added Tyler to his lesson plan. So Tyler is doing a combined language arts and social studies unit on The Diary of Anne Frank and the holocaust. The math is coming from an online homeschooling lesson plan. The PE is coming from brisk walks with Wiley.

So the good news is this: I got a call from the new middle school verifying that Tyler was #1 on their wating list for next school year and that they actually had room for him and did I want to move him off the waiting list and have him attend next year, guaranteed...

Uh... YES!

The kids and I went out to dinner to celebrate. I'm very happy. Tyler's very happy. Kayleigh will have sibling priority in another year when she's ready for middle school. And it's walking distance from home.

I went to Conor's bedroom studio on Tuesday and recorded Good Night My Love. It's not in any condition to share with the general public yet, so if I offer to play it for you, you must be pretty special . We also recorded a pretty raucus jam version of (It's) Frank Sinatra's World (And We Just Live In It) - a total throwback to my old garage band days with Dave Beach and company. That was some fun and frolic.

Ordinary Angels was declined entry into SIFF this year. I blame the fact that we didn't have the finished cut in time for the decision deadline. Anyway, there are a ton of alternative festivals - the more genre the better! Off we go!

Darlene is throwing a Cinco de Mayo pirate party, and I'm using my place to host the event, seeing as how I have a closet full of pirate costumery and a projector screen upon which to show The Black Swan and Captain Blood. Not a bad way to turn 39. Surrounded by friends, dressed like a pirate and playing the Pirate Movie Drinking Game.

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Anonymous said...

You're fucking joking...I can't believe OA didn't make the SIFF cut. They can just suck my puckered ass. *grrrr*

Pirate Cinco de Mayo? Pour, oh pour the pirate...sangria?

Heh, homeschool - warm fuzzies! ;) That said, congrats Tyler!

p.s. quit posting sad songs and stuff that makes me all leaky and chit. *pet pet*