Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ghosts Redux

I was going through some of the recovered computer data from the fire, and ran across the video for our old single, Ghosts. It's now on YouTube. Just a note: YouTube compression knocked the audio sync off during upload. My original file is fine, but this one has a slight audio lag.


go_go yubari said...

You've shared many songs and pics and bits of video over the 2 years that I've known you, but I gotta tell ya that 'Ghosts' is one of those songs that just hits me "here" (center of chest and all that) every single time.

Sam's eyes just go right through me on that...so beautiful.


tbone said...

Thanks Lisa.

Sam was a beautiful girl, with a soul to match. And this song was one of our lyrical collaborations, which makes it special to me.

The world is poorer without folks like Sam and Rich in it, but I believe they would both be proud to see each of us growing and healing.

I know I'm proud of what you've accomplished in your journey, and equally proud to be your friend.