Thursday, March 29, 2007


This last week has been a blur. Looking at my Outlook calendar, I see at least one meeting every weekday, some on weekends, and several projects being juggled simultaneously. The upside is that it's all stuff I want to be doing... well, mostly.

The stuff I have to do is a bit less fun. Like re-enroll Tyler in Seattle Public Schools, then immediately appeal the automatic placement back at his former school. Or get my tax info together. Or get my health insurance sorted out. Bleh. Gotta do it, but... Bleh.

We're now a week away from the Ordinary Angels wrap party & screening. Going to the editor's new place on Saturday to do a final mix of the dialogue and music. Was supposed to go out to dinner with Sarah, but that seems to have fallen through, so I will go to Muriel's production of True West instead, and that will free up Sunday afternoon to make an appearance at the Emerald City ComiCon. I wish I had OA movie posters ready, but we haven't finalized the D Constructed corporate ID stuff yet.

Had coffee with my co-producer Darlene this morning, supposed to meet with Jason Parker this afternoon to go over a horn part for the And Tears Fell CD, then tonight is Gilda's Club. Tomorrow I get to take Tyler to the doc's for a med check. He's on a very small dose right now, but I totally know when he misses one. Tyler got a hamster last weekend, the lovely and talented Wolfgang Amadeus Hamster. He is pretty focused around the little guy. It's good to see.

Must be off - grab some lunch before my afternoon meeting. Will check in after the weekend.

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