Thursday, March 15, 2007

This is Gonna Hurt Like Hell

Wow - this takes me back. I was watching a mediocre documentary on the marvelous Sarah McLachlan and was reminded of when she kicked off the US leg of her Fumbling Towards Ecstacy tour at the student center at Western Washington University in Bellingham. Sam was extremely pregnant with Tyler and the concert promoters very generously let her sit on a comfy sofa on the side near the front of the stage. Lucky us (hey - I'm the dad - I get to sit too, cause I'm like, with the band- I mean, the pregnant woman).

She actually got everyone in the packed auditorium to sit on the floor so that everyone could see.

Trite as it is, Sarah McLachlan provided much of the soundtrack to my relationship with Sam as we started married life, moved to a new state and raised a family. She'd been one of precious few vocal influences when Sam was singing with And Tears Fell, and we always felt like we'd been in on a really cool secret because we'd been fans since the first album.

Anyway, this song resonates with me, for pretty obvious reasons.

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Neko Wafer said...

Fantastic song - but her eyes are creepy...