Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Future Echoes

Today's title comes from the immortal Red Dwarf television show. The episode in question deals with the crew encountering visions of themselves in projected future events. Which is pretty much what life has been like for the past week. I don't know whether it's the lack of sleep or the mad juggling act I'm performing 24/7, but I have been experiencing a lot of what can only be described as reverse deja vu. Everyone has experienced deja vu - that feeling you've been there and seen/heard/felt/said that before. This feeling, on the other hand, is distinctly precognitive in nature. A weird feeling like, "I know X, Y and Z is going to happen like so..." and within a day or so, it does. The last time I experienced this phenomenon was shortly after my grandfather died, but it was in the form of lucid dreaming. In this case, I'm fully awake and just kind of suddenly aware of the short-term future. Weird.

I guess my perception of the temporal stream has shifted during the past week because I've been going through more boxes. Almost all of Samantha's clothes have been parted out - some are being kept by Kayleigh, and the rest are going to the Twelfth Night costume shop or a local women's shelter. I also ran across a lot of old artwork, my high school and college newspaper comic strips, and a lot of band art and photos (including the photo of yours truly, circa 1985, from a Things Fall Apart shoot). Ticket stubs from Love And Rockets and Amnesty International tours (where we saw Sting, Peter Gabriel, U2, & Lou Reed among others).

Note: Sam & I had already been together for a year when the photo of that kid was taken. Talk about perspective.

Dan has done a phenominal job with the opening title sequence on OA. He's layered a bunch of the gritty footage I shot with Ron a few weeks ago, and combined it with a crunchy song from our old label mates, Mute Angst Envy.

The school I was trying to get Tyler into rejected his application on the grounds that they would not be able to provide what he needs. It's a safe decision. Not the right decision in my opinion, but at this point the question is moot. So it's back to the public schools - in this case, a middle school not six blocks away with high academic standards and a combined-learning curriculum that resembles college lecture/lab work. Ever onward.

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