Sunday, February 04, 2007

TIme Flies

Wow. It's already Saturday. The week has just zoomed by. Much of it was spent placating various government bureaucracies (the joys of owning one's own business). Wednesday night was Gilda's. Not much to say there. Thursday saw our rough cut submission of Ordinary Angels to SIFF. Thursday and Friday night I got to chill with the kids, which was cool. Friday night's movies were Click and Flyboys. Click was much better than I expected, which is how most Adam Sandler movies end up. I go in with such low expectations that I'm always somewhat pleasantly surprised. There's a lot to like about the film: Walken as a crazy ethereal technogeek, Kate Beckinsale as the hottest housewife ever, the awesome pair of Henry Winkler and Julie Kavner as Sandler's parents, David Hasselhoff as the obnoxious yuppie boss, and Sean Astin as a speedo-clad swimming coach/suitor for Kate's affections.

The message is pretty clear and simple: DON'T FAST FORWARD THROUGH YOUR LIFE, and DON'T WASTE A SINGLE MOMENT.

One thing's for sure - if I were married to Kate Beckinsale, it'd be pretty hard to be a workaholic, what with us never leaving the house and all... I can suspend my disbelief only so far. A "universal" remote that controls your universe? Sure, I'll accept that. But fast forwarding through sex with Kate Beckinsale?? Sorry. Not buying it.

Flyboys was pretty much what I expected. A sweeping WWI epic adventure drama. With cool vintage aeroplanes. And zeppelins. And as everyone knows, EVERY movie is better with zeppelins*. I don't know about EVERY German plane being a bright red Fokker triplane (as if everyone was Manfred von Richtofen). There were only 300-some made during the war, and during the period depicted in the film, most German pilots would have been flying Albatros D-3s. I guess the producers thought it would be easier for the audience to differentiate between the good guys and bad guys. Shrug. It wasn't terrific, but it's pretty well executed and enjoyable, with some "holy crap that was cool" moments.

* One day, I will write the ultimate pulp screenplay, and it will include zeppelins, monkeys, ninja, pirates AND robots (and they will all have jetpacks and tommy guns). And maybe a flying bear that shoots lasers out of its eyes. 'Cause that would rock.

Went into the studio today with Muriel to get her vocals done for the And Tears Fell CD. It's sounding great, and I think Brian is looking forward to getting my project out the door. Met with some of the guys from his band, Full Life Crisis, and went over some concepts for their CD art. I am charged with the design for their upcoming album, a task I gladly assume. In 2 weeks, Steven "Thug Drummer" Fox comes up to add his bashing to the mix. Looking forward to the visit. We never have enough time to just chill out and be friends - there's always a schedule. And of course there will be a schedule somewhat, but we'll be hanging out in addition to the studio time. Still trying to get on a schedule with Jason Parker for a horn solo on Fire Inside. We shall see.

Superbowl tomorrow (aka today). Don't really care. See you this week!

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Ali said...

Let me know when that ultimate pulp screenplay is ready for viewing - my Seb would love it!