Friday, February 23, 2007

Awkward Morning Experience

I know this borders on shilling... heck, it's outright panhandling for votes. As I mentioned last week, D Constructed Media shot three TV spots for a morning radio show (The BJ Shea Morning Experience) here in Seattle - specifically for a contest. Almost more important than the $10K prize for the audience fave, the spot will be shown on the Seattle Fox affiliate during prime time. It's great exposure for our work, and could lead to steady commercial gigs.

Anyway, here is the link to vote. One vote per person. Our spot is the #2 listing, the "Awkward Morning Experience" (which features Eric Riedmann from Ordinary Angels and the lovely Linsey Price in the towel). Just check the box and hit the button marked SUBMIT TOP 10 (don't ask... we're well aware there are only 5).

There are some clever spots in the batch, but I think ours and the Cheerleader Pillow Fight are the best targeted at Shea's demographic. And ours has TWO gags for the price of one!

Here are all three spots... in full rez!

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