Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Angels" Ahoy

With production drawing near, I thought I should get one more post in. I will either be full of energy and posting every day during the shoot, or (more likely) I will post once we wrap on Monday.

It's coming together, last-minute shenannigans aside. What a great word that is. Shenannigans. It has to be Irish. Only the Irish could come up with a word as good as that. It sounds like someone dismissing a concept after far too many pints of Guiness.

And speaking of last-minute shenannigans, Kayleigh slammed her finger in my car door yesterday. Laterally. Fortunately it was a compression and didn't bleed all that much, although the poor girl did have a little bout of shock. I put a temporary band-aid on it from my car first aid kit, took her home, cleaned it, re-wrapped it, put her on the sofa in front of the fireplace/heater, gave her some Tylenol and called the doctor's office. They slipped us in at 5:15 PM, x-rayed her hand, found no fracture (thank heavens), cleaned it again, re-re-wrapped it, and sent us home. It's still waaaay sensitive, so she's taking a home day.

In the shuffle and drama of yesterday afternoon, I neglected to get Tyler's prescription refilled, so now I have to wait until the Rite Aid opens to get that done. Which will then put him about 3 hours behind his med schedule. Since it's early dismissal all this week, I'll probably keep him home to work on his placement exams.

Had a 3-hour meeting with my DP yesterday. He's the guy who shot The Winter of Her, which is a great indie short (directed by our own Heath Ward). We totally clicked on this project, and he's going to make it look good. I think I've moved past a lot of the fear and trepidation of last week, and have gone into excitement mode. I've also decided to kill my Manic Lobster arts blog. It's just sitting there.

Until next time...


Mack said...

Good luck, Todd. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Ali said...

Break a leg.