Thursday, October 12, 2006

Taurus Love Horoscope

For Friday, October 13th...

It's time to rise to the occasion. You can continue to clutch at the past, or you can acknowledge what it meant to you and then let go of it completely. After all, to make room for new love, you have to let the old go.

Um, yeah. Working on it.


Ali said...

What to say?

I didn't have to let go of my first child to find love for my second.


tbone said...

That is a very good point, Ali. Moreover, I think it's probably quite unrealistic to expect we will ever fully shed our love for our lost spouses.

The key is finding that new love...

Ali said...

Gonna have to fall in my lap I'm afraid - I'm too damn busy to go looking!!


Anonymous said...

I'm a Taurus too and I totally agree with BOTH of you!!! Will never let the old love go completely and I do need the new one to drop in my lap - NO time for looking!!
: )