Monday, September 25, 2006

A Moving Experience

The last week has been a solid block of throwing stuff in boxes, moving said boxes across the street and unloading the very same boxes so they can be reused for more stuff. In addition, I've had Dining Room rehearsals and costume meetings, and casting callbacks for Ordinary Angels.

The house is slowly taking shape inside. My stepmom helped organize and move stuff during the first week. Ron and Caleb have been over several times to help with setting up the family room sound system or construct my office furniture. Got a nice corner desk from Staples on sale - surprisingly well-constructed and hearty for the price. I have kids' furniture arriving tomorrow and the media storage pieces are on their way. All of the upstairs kit pieces are in the Mission style, which is really compatible with the craftsman design of the house. The sleeper sofa showed up, so now I have crash space for friends who decide to come visit. :)

Our second night in the house, last Friday, I was feeling stressed out because of the moving schedule and physical fatigue that comes from carrying boxes and assembling kit furniture all day. I crashed hard and had the first real "visit" dream about Sam since the very painful one months ago (described in the July 25th entry). She approached with a beaming smile, walking out of the sunlight toward me, arms outstretched. And this time I didn't push her away. I welcomed the reunion. We melted together in a tender embrace and she gently took my face in her hands and spoke in happy, encouraging tones about how much she loved what I'd done with the house, and how proud she was of me for handling the whole thing as I had done. I slept like a baby and awoke refreshed on Saturday, ready to take on callbacks and moving with renewed energy. It was one of those visceral experiences that made me feel like she was really giving her blessing to the whole thing.

When I awoke, I could smell her scent on my pillows and bedding for about 5 minutes until it faded away.

We have to be out of the rental by Saturday. There is only one more piece of furniture and some clothes and tech equipment. I should be able to get it all by Friday and let the cleaners go nuts with the place all day Saturday.

I look forward to getting some of our stuff back from RestorX. Preparing for a bit of a meltdown when we get to the photos...


Neko Wafer said...

The dream is wonderful!

Karyn Ann in San Fran said...

WOW - what an amazing dream - Sam was really with you. Todd, I am so happy you are finally back in your house. All my love to you and the kids. Stay well.

Karyn Ann

H.A. Page said...

Your dream is not uncommon. My beloved grandmother came to me. It was a turning point in my grieving. She let me know it was ok and she had humor and I knew it was ok to move forward and on with life.