Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mattress Opens

The past week has been a blur of activity, mostly show-related. Got the program finished and off to the printer (they look good), got Kayleigh to and from dress rehearsals, and monitored the sanding, priming and texturing of the walls in my house (the painters have done all the ceilings and are now putting color on the walls). I also arranged for a security system to be installed in the house. We're getting ever closer. All the millwork arrived and the trim will start going up next week.

Anyway, the show opened last night and was a rousing success. Despite a couple technical and dramatic gaffes onstage, the cast recovered and put on a great show. All things audio (voices, stage mics, orchestra) are the best they've been in years. The costumes are terrific. I think Fiddler had more interesting lighting, but this is a wholly different show.

I designed the Jesters' makeup. Since the part of the jester is being split among four actors, I decided to give them each a clown-white mask and paint a playing card suit on the left eye, the result being one of each suit represented onstage. It was down to the wire with the Jester makeup, and then I had to run up to the top of the house and run the video camera. Fortunately Caleb showed up to help set up, but it was a long, stressful night for my legs.

Like I said, the show was good and got a standing ovation. We have 2 shows today, a matinee tomorrow, and then four days off until Thursday's show - and plenty to do during that time.


Karyn Ann Bosso said...

Congratulations on such a fine opening night for Once Upon A Mattress!! What a beautiful picture of Kayleigh!! She looks so much like the pictures of Samantha that you've posted. I'm glad to hear that the house is coming back together too. Wishing you, Tyler and Kayleigh the best always- Karyn Ann in San Fran

tbone said...

Thank you, Karyn Ann. It's definitely a labor of love.

The painters have been working through the weekend, and we now have color upstairs!