Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And The Dining Room

The play is now cast. There were some surprises, mostly because the three women I ended up with aren't often put in leading roles (at least that I have seen). So this will be a great opportunity to let them shine in a very small cast in a pretty momentous point in the organization's history.

Caleb & I did our dog-and-pony show for the Twelfth Night board of directors and were happy to hear a lot of encouragement and support for the play. We also scored the dining room furniture we need from an estate sale for $100.

I'm bringing on Alyssa as my stage manager. She worked with Sam previously, and was set to be my assistant director on Duo, so I know I can work with her and trust stuff will get done right. I trained Caleb in stage blocking shorthand today so he can keep track of it when we get into rehearsal.

Went to Gilda's tonight, but didn't get to say much. What I was going to talk about was this feeling of emotional isolation I have been nurturing for the last few months. Like I'm getting too comfortable with the whole not-dating-thing. I dunno. There's just no time for it right now, and I know that "miz kerbam" will (eventually) cross my path when I least expect it. Just like Sam did. But does that mean I'm getting lazy about it? Or does it even matter?

If you're wondering who "miz kerbam" is, just understand it's an inside reference shared by Samantha's mom and myself. The reference being that one day, the woman I'm supposed to find will just show up - kerbam! I threw in the "miz". It's either very cute, or very late at night. Prolly the latter.

The kids are in the last week of their Pacific Science Center day camps. Then we get a week to prep for school. Then, come 9/6, they will return to the hallowed halls of learning.

Auditions for Ordinary Angels are coming up as well. Please fasten your safety belts.


Ryan Potter said...

Good to have some other project going on with the group. Something less... "showy", if you know what I mean. I'm excited to see Twelfth Night pulling of something other that a musical; a play. Anyhoo, you got out just in time too. Can't wait to "carve" that turkey.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are moving along - good for you!

Love the "miz kerbam" part! : ) I'm guessing I'll eventually stumble on a "mister kerbam" someday too! Life is just so busy that as nice as it would be (I think) it's just not a priority right now. When it happens, it happens.

Right now I've got to get back to packing up the car with all the gear (and there is a LOT of stuff!) that's heading up to UVM tomorrow...and life marches on!
: )

Neko Wafer said...

Yah, miz kerbam will show up when you've got the flu and a horrific case of bad fashionitis. :D

Break a leg, guys!