Sunday, July 16, 2006

Serendipitous, And Then Some

Last night, as I slipped off to sleep, I surrendered to the goodwill of the Universe, and asked for good things to be put in my path...

This morning, as I awoke refreshed from a restful sleep, I offered thanks for the gifts it had offered in the past, and made it known I was ready for some Really Good Stuff (TM)...

I went to Southcenter with Kayleigh to replace the leather jacket I'd lost in the fire. We hit Wilson's, and I found an awesome black bomber in a "big & tall" cut (for length, thank you - I have been losing weight). Discovered this jacket (ordinarily $350) was on clearance for $60.

Thank you, Universe!

Took Kayleigh to the West Seattle street fair, parked at my brother's place and walked up the hill to the Junction. As we passed the stalls of Hawaiian ice and tie-dye clothing and political-cause-on-a-stick, I saw that Village Woodworks was having a sale (PLUS they pay sales tax). On a whim, I ducked inside to walk around and look. Ordinarily, they are way out of my range - REALLY awesome, solid wood furniture in the $1000+ range for just about anything. But I happened to spy a solid pine dining table in a country/craftsman style, with corner legs (thick and lathe turned), 4 matching chairs like the set we used to have, $280. AND they'll hold it until the house is finished. One less room to furnish, at a STEAL for the quality!

Thank you, Universe!

On the way back to Gavin's, we passed the south stage, and who should be performing a live acoustic set, but my favorite Seattle songbird, Carrie Akre (formerly of Hammerbox, Goodness and The Rockfords)?! She showcased a few of the songs from her new album in-progress, as well as a few of her earlier solo pieces. Kayleigh sat piggyback and got to see one of her singer-songwriter idols. We got an intimate serenade from 10-feet away, and left the fair at the end of her set, very happy indeed.

Thank you, Universe!

We arrived home to find the painters working on the north side of the house. And Shandalla came over and cooked lemon chicken and green beans and a mozzarella/tomato/basil salad for dinner.

Thank you, Universe!

I'm so happy with today. I mean, it really doesn't matter how or why - whether its random chance, or just my perception of good stuff happening or whether I'm making it happen by putting myself in synch with the Universe. What matters is I feel in synch, and I feel like I'm empowering myself (forgive the use of the "e" word) to manifest good in my life.

It's just another step forward, and it's nice to feel like I'm not taking three steps back at the same time. And it's nice to feel like I'm not jousting my daily windmills for nothing.

Tomorrow starts the kids' Pacific Science Center day camps, so I may not have a lot of time to post this coming week. We leave Friday morning for California. I will try to take pictures and post some here.


a typical choleric girl said...

well, i must say, im new here and ur blog is quite interesting . I hope if u dont mind, ill be leaving comments at some point.

Take care and have a nice day.

by the way, im not be one of the youngsters, but i did enjoy the pirates..too.

Ali said...

And may there be many more days to come where you and the universe are beautifully tuned.


Karyn Ann in San Fran said...

Some days the Universe provides and shows us that it's not all awful all the time. Nobody deserves it more than you, Todd. Throwing more love and good energy your way...Karyn Ann in San Fran

Anonymous said...

I am glad your day was in tune...especially with children to get here and there and everywhere!:-)
Take care,

Ryan Potter said...

Ah... those are the days... How is Miss Akre's voice holding up these days anyway? Was her bass player from Goodness(le rowr) in tow?

tbone said...

She sounded great. It was just her with an acoustic guitar, and a second acoustic guitarist (a big guy I didn't recognize, but then I've never seen her live before - the only member of her touring band I know personally is Jason Parker).

b said...

I second Ali's comment.