Monday, July 10, 2006

Manic Monday


Just... Wow.

Awoke to Wiley going seven kinds of apeshit because of all the activity happening at the house today. The painters were there, working on the exterior. The electricians were there, running wire. The HVAC guys were there, running heating conduit. I went over and started pruning the neglected hazelnut trees, and of course got pulled aside by each sub for an opinion or clarification.

Then these local gardeners came by asking for work. Half an hour and $100 later, the giant camelia bush in front and its nondescript bushy cousin around the side were gone, chopped up and hauled away. Sweet.

Steve came by to have lunch, which was awesome. Been too long since I've seen the Bro-Hamma.

And here are some pics of the outside of the house now...

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Bug said...

It's Beautiful!!! And I can only imagine that the interior is going to be even better! Congrats