Saturday, June 17, 2006


I must give a shout out to my two younger siblings, who both graduated college this weekend. My sister Sara got her AA while working full time and being a single mom. My brother Gavin got his BA and teaching cert on a brutal fast track (if you can call two years of family loss and disaster "fast"), sometimes taking as many as 25 units in a single quarter.

Drove up to Bellingham yesterday for Sara's commencement and celebratory dinner, and to Key Arena in Seattle for Gavins (and back to W. Seattle for dinner). My aunt and uncle even came up from California (dad's surviving bro & sis). It was very fulfilling to watch the two kids I nurtutred through the breakup of a household achieve these milestones. And I found the presence of Sam & my father a comfort - I was half expecting to hear my dad's mega-decibel "whoop!" when my siblings' names were called.

Tomorrow is Father's Day, and my mom & stepdad are taking us to the Mariners/Giants game. Although I'm happy to be seeing my old hometown team face off with my adopted hometown team, Father's Day is understandably melancholy for me.

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