Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

So it didn't start particularly well; I woke him with a gentle "Happy Birthday, Tyler," and a big hug. Then he insisted that because it was his birthday that he shouldn't have to go to school. Wrong. Then he laid in bed until the very last minute, and insisted he should be allowed to wear the filthy sweats he's had on all week. Wrong again. Then he fought me getting dressed, fought me out the door and down the street to the bus stop. He fought me at the bus stop, and I literally had to drag him onto the bus. That's what real ADHD does to a 12 year old kid (and yes, he'd had his meds at wake-up, as usual). As a single parent, I choose my battles. Unfortunately, there are times when Tyler chooses some battles that put us at complete odds. All sense of rational thought goes out the window and this hyperintelligent kid reverts to a three-year-old having a tantrum. It used to scare me, because in these instances you wouldn't recognize him - it's a complete Jeckyll and Hyde. But now I just take a deep breath and guide him through the motions. It sucks that he had to get his videogame priviledges taken away on his birthday, especially since they have early dismissal from school today. Kayleigh smiled and waved from the bus. Tyler made a big production of looking at me and then dramatically turning away from the bus window. Hopefully he'll mellow out today.

Had a meeting at the house with the contractors, now that the preliminary demo work has been done. There was a lot more smoke and fire damage than we'd thought, and some of the framing will have to be torn out. There are some code issues that will have to be addressed as well, as the original house is 80 years old. Hopefully it'll end up a better, more liveable space. I have confidence in these guys.

I'll have some more pics later. Off for my LMP appointment, then we go to dinner at Tyler's choice of restaurant - Red Robin, here we come.

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