Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tuesday AM Check-in

Yesterday, the head of the company (meaning me) ordered the DV camcorder that will be the ceterpiece of the studio. I also got the green light from the city to start the reconstruction - so as soon as I hung up the phone, I was back on it, calling the contractor. The ball starts rolling today.

Yesterday was so good, I didn't even care that the court in North Bend, OR decided to uphold my alleged speeding ticket from back over Thanksgiving. Ehhhh. So what? I'm finally on the road to getting my house back! Many smileys.

Also watched Hurlyburly after the kids went to bed, which I will review on Manic Lobster later.

Today is crazy busy. Because of the cool stuff happening, I totally spaced on getting Tyler's prescription refilled. It will be a late-to-school day, as we must wait for the pharmacy to open and then wait for the prescription to be filled. But that's also OK, because Kayleigh needs to bring some Sprite to her in-class Valentine party, and we don't keep soda pop in the house. So, to RiteAid we go, and then home for me to rehearse a project with Conor, a project which will be shot with the new camera. Sorry, couldn't resist putting it in there a second time.

That means the gym will have to wait until later this afternoon, but then maybe Caleb can join me. Working out is better with a partner to keep your head in the game.


Bug said...

I'm sorry for the "sucktastic" weekend, as you so rightly put it. But progress is progress and you're moving in strides, I can tell. Yep, speed bumps suck. All around.


Anonymous said...

For those checking his blog, I want to tell you all that, shortly after making this post, one of the workers caught his house on fire.

Very little was salvaged. The cat did not make it out; everyone else did.

He's without internet at the moment, but as soon as he does, I'm sure he'll make a post with more details.

Anonymous said...

...err... that was me, his brother, Gavin.

beach said...


I got the message on my phone.

All of this equipment that he just got... gone. Nearly everything gone. The house was gutted??!! Unreal.

Hey Gavin, or anyone else that's up there that's reading this. Please let us know what we can do. Where to start?


Anonymous said...

Todd, I'm so sorry. You and the children are due for a lifetime of 'get of out jail free' cards for all that you have been through. Time for it to stop, eh?

Joy said...

This is where you just have to laugh Hysterically,cos its just too much..I read alotta of your post and feel that somehow you have the inner strenght to get thru this.Pay no attention to the man inside screaming...
Im just glad you were not harmed.
Blessings to you.