Friday, February 24, 2006


So the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center opened to the public tonight. Twelfth Night Productions set up in one of the exhibition rooms and ran the Bye Bye Birdie DVD on a video projector. Seattle Poetry Slam fielded some really amazing poets in the movement room, and the Pandemonium Players did a couple numbers from the musical Working.

Representative Jim McDermott was there tonight. Former Seattle mayor Norm Rice and family were in attendance on Wednesday night when I made the booth dedication to Sam. Mary Springer delivered a really beautiful introduction to Sam, and turned things over to me. The name plates are not the typical brass or plastic strips with a name on them, but rather large pieces of slate from the former school's own vintage blackboards, etched with the name of the donor or contributor. Sam was on a DNDA subcommittee, and really contributed more to the whole process than I ever imagined.

My video camera and stuff came on Thursday. As you might recall, I'd ordered the stuff the day before the fire, and because it had to be shipped out from NY, it was not a fire casualty. I cracked the manual today and filled out the product reg stuff. Can't wait to try it out.

It was good to see friends and note the very packed facility. But I'm all done with sensory overload now - took my melatonin and I'm gonna hit the sack. For those of you who have seen The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, "I SLEEP NOW."

P.S. My brother and SIL rock. Thanks G&M. For all your help.

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Anytime, Todd.