Saturday, February 18, 2006

Just a Quick Update

Not feeling so good today... the shock has worn off and now reality has set in. Had a couple too many at the pub last night too. Won't be doing that again. The kids went to overnights at friends' houses and I spent the last night in the motel by myself. This morning I hauled my hungover ass to the new place - our former neighbor across the street still owns the house in question and uses it as a rental, and it had just become available. RestorX stepped up to bat and got us in on a 6-month lease.

This place is smaller, but it's clean and it's right across the street from my house. The kids can go to their same bus stop and I can oversee the reconstruction, collect my mail and try to pick up my business again.

I will just make this observation: the insurance companies are being slow behemoths and balking at reimbursement at every turn; in contrast, RestorX is being pretty darn stand-up so far, taking the initiative to make sure we're covered for stuff quickly. I will reserve the right to yank that praise if and when it ceases to be true, but so far they've been pretty good.

We had a bunch of friends and family converge to help move what little we have into the new space, and to acquire what we needed. Members of my Gilda's group came through with legwork and a few amenities (like a TV set and DVD player, etc).

And let me just give a shout out to all the folks on Widownet and YWBB who have crowded my email inbox with PayPal donations. I'm floored. Seriously stunned at the overwhelming show of support. I didn't even ask, yet here it is. You people are seriously the best. I wish I had the time and energy to reply to each person right now... eventually I will, but I'm just worn to the bone right now.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers. I'll update when I can.


Bug said...

I sent out an email to all of my contacts explaining your story. I asked for any help that they could give. You wouldn't believe the response I got back!! I know it's small, but it's the least I could do. I also asked them to pass it on to anyone who had services, resources, etc. to help.

I need to know what you need. Clothes for the kids? For you? Dishes? Blankets? Furniture? I know you have limited time, but please keep the lines open. :)

I'll try to get ahold of you (quickly) on the cell.

(((((Big Hugs)))))


beach said...
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