Saturday, December 10, 2005

Another Easter Egg

God bless Craigslist! Less than 48 hours after listing the old piano and recliners, they were gone. After removing the recliner that had been in the front office by the printer table, I was cleaning and found an old SmartMedia card (the kind we use in the old digital camera). I popped it in the card reader and, lo and behold, 25 pictures taken on our trip to Indianapolis for GenCon 2003. Sam had undergone almost a year of constant chemo by the time this was taken, and remarkably enough, still had hair and a decent skin tone. Aside from extra water retention and some sinking of the eyes, it's hard to tell she's even sick. After this, the decline was more marked and steady.

Note the kids' excitement at being at GenCon. Wow.

Taking the kids to Narnia today. I've been looking forward to a really good film version since 1976, when Mr. Miles read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to our combined 2nd/3rd grade class at Rio Del Mar Elementary School.

In regard to the dream post and "rescuing" women, let me just recap:

1) it was a dream
2) as such, its insight is into MY psyche - it means nothing outside of that
3) the whole message behind that post was that I have no need or desire to "rescue" anyone
4) if you're gonna troll a blog, do someone else's
5) if you feel you have to troll mine, at least read the bloody post and make sure you understand it before you go making an idiot out of yourself
6) if you must make an idiot out of yourself, at least have the balls to sign a name

I'll post a review of the film later today.

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