Tuesday, August 30, 2005

More Withdrawal

I feel like shit. Maybe it's partially the cold I'm getting over and I'm tripping on cold meds, but I really physically miss Sam's presence. Even just occupying space would be of some comfort. But then, I recall how bad things were for her the last few months of her life, and wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Got a well-timed phone call from my "big bro" in California, Randy. Helped me put some thoughts in order. Allowed me to talk about the crap I feel. Thanks bud.

I apologize if this post isn't entirely coherent. I'm posting this from the laptop in bed, just prior to hitting the sack. Got a scene written for the Ordinary Angels script. JD should be happy with some progress when he comes over tomorrow.

More later. Homer sleep now. Yaaay, sleep! That's when I'm a Viking!

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