Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Independence Day...

...has a new meaning for me. There was no wife with which to share the joy of watching the displays from Alki beach, or have dinner outdoors at Pegasus. No Sam to watch smile at the colorful shells going off over Elliott Bay, or encourage Kayleigh's sandcastle construction (a very sensible Celtic hill-fort). It was down to me to do all of the above.

Tyler decided to stay home with Wiley and play World of Warcraft, so Kayleigh and I got some nice father/daughter time. Dinner at Pegasus (as mentioned), fun on the beach. My friend Ron joined us and we watched the main fireworks display as well as a dozen others at various points around Bainbridge Island and the peninsula. After that was done, we met up with the family of one of Kayleigh's school frineds, and helped them set off their personal collection of fireworks. It's now almost 2AM, so I'm going to put this post to bed (followed by my own sorry ass).

You know, I really hate to admit this, because it makes me sound petty and bitter. But I bristled every time I saw a young couple walking hand in hand down the beachfront. Yeah, it is petty and bitter... And I don't want to feel like that... but I can't help it. That was taken away from me, and I don't know how to not have it. :(

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