Monday, July 04, 2005

How Far to Gotham?

So here's an interesting geek site, for anyone who has ever been curious as to the distance between Metropolis and Gotham City, or any other DC location.

Apparently, Gotham City is in New Jersey, and Metropolis is in Delaware.

I did not know that. Do I need to hand in my neon G?

In other news, Batman Begins is the best film adaptation of the character thus far. And I was quite the fan of the first two Tim Burton movies. To those who are critical of the quick-cut, confusing fight scenes: that's whe whole point. He's a freakin' ninja. He jumps into a mob of thugs, there's screaming and limbs flailing, and dudes go down. To those who complain that there are no decent full-body shots of the batsuit: see my first comment - he's a freakin' ninja. You shouldn't see him any more than you should have seen the xenomorph in the first Alien film. And to those who are critical of the husky, affected batman voice: this is Bruce Wayne first starting out in his campaign against crime. He's trying to be dramatic and frightening, and he's still trying stuff out. The hollywood machine butchered the franchise. Let's hope the execs at Warner Bros see that a faithful and innovative adaptation with an indie film director and an indie film actor is the way to go. Looking forward to seeing where they take it.


James said...

See? And you gave up on it after reading the first few pages of the script when I sent it to you :)

tbone said...

I still think that scene was weakly written, but at least it was well directed. ;)